Gems Of Meditations

Mrs. Louise Doerksen, wife, mother, grandmother was born and raised in the vicinity of Brandon (Griswold), Manitoba. In1959 she married Rev. Tony Doerksen. After several years in ministry she assisted her husband in producing television programs on CKY.

In 1992 she was appointed the Pentecostal representative on the "Word of Faith" Television program (Now off air). After the Word of Faith was taken off the air Louise had a whole bunch of meditations and nothing to do with them.

She decided to put them into a book and sell it, but that wasn't enough for her young spirit. She wanted a wider audience, easier access to her meditations and most of all she wanted her words to help people all over the world. So now she has her own website where people can come and read her wonderful meditations every week.

"If just one person get's saved by me doing this, I will have done what I set out to do and it would be the perfect reward." says Louise. Please feel free to read some of the wonderful spiritually uplifting meditations on her new website. Thank you.